Monday, 10 June 2013


If I told you a story about a young child,
In your mind's eye would you picture a young girl or a boy?

"He who is wise does blah blah blah"
"Patient is he who blah blah blah"
"A good man is he who blah blah blah"

Should I ignore my inner protests,
Should I focus on just the message?
Do they expect me to truly relate?

What would they think if I were to say she? Her? Woman?

Would we tell young boys proverbs in the form of she?
And if they said they couldn't relate, would we think it silly?

Why should I accept he, when he won't accept she, and by extension- me!
Why should I be flexible when he remains rigid?

I am not a fanatic,
I am not an extremist
I am not a "feminazi"

I am a woman.
And I haven't been blinded.
And I refuse to be silenced, subdued.

She who can see refuses to be subdued.